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How To Sell Your Mid-Size Business

Woodbridge International's book How To Sell Your Mid-Size Business is a definitive look at what is takes to successfully sell your business and achieve maximum value. With over 24 years' experience in the M&A field, Woodbridge has crafted a well-rounded text that will be a vital source for any business owner who is interested in selling their business. If you are thinking of selling your business or interested in the M&A market, fill out a form to the right to receive your free copy.

You'll find key takeaways on:

  • Is Now the Time to Sell? And My Life After Closing
  • What is My Business Worth?
  • What Should I Do to Prepare My Company for Sale?
  • Time is of the Essence
  • Presenting My Company to the Market
  • Creating A Competitive Auction: Broad vs Narrow Marketing
  • Calculating Adjusted EBITDA & Getting Through Due Diligence
  • Taxes and Deal Structure
  • Legal Aspects of Selling Your Business
  • Selecting the Buyer and Getting to Close
  • 25 Years of Disrupting 300 Years of Traditional M&A
  • Our Story
How To Sell Your Midsized Business