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In 1993, we planted the seed for a new kind of company—one that would redefine the role of M&A. 25 years later, we continue to push the boundaries of what M&A can do. Grounded by our core values and strengthened by our global reach, we help clients find the perfect buyer or Joint Venture partner wherever they are. Please click on a person's picture to view their bio, and click on the link under their name to watch their video, introducing themselves and our process.

Robert F. Murphy's Bio

Robert F. Murphy

Managing Director/Partner

Marni K. Connelly's Bio

Marni K. Connelly

Managing Director/Partner
Research & Marketing

Don Krier's Bio

Don Krier

Managing Director/Partner
New Business

Larry Reinharz's Bio

Larry Reinharz

Managing Director/Partner
New Business

Kyle Richard's Bio

Kyle Richard

Director, Underwriting

Simon Wibberley's Bio

Simon Wibberley

CapeTown Operations

Brie Campbell's Bio

Brie Campbell

Vice President, Client Marketing

Greg Michaels's Bio

Greg Michaels

Vice President
New Business

North America Closers

Our trusted team of experts have collectively closed transactions in over 30 industries and are among the industry’s leading dealmaking professionals. Their breadth of experience across the full spectrum of M&A reflects our client-centric culture and commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes.

Daniel Horton's Bio

Daniel Horton


Conor Riordan's Bio

Conor Riordan


Tex Sekhon

Tex Sekhon's Bio

Tex Sekhon

Senior VP Closers

International Closers

Our trusted team of experts from around the globe have collectively closed transactions in over 30 industries and are among the world’s leading dealmaking professionals. Their expertise on the ground with the language, local laws and culture help Woodbridge find and market our clients to buyers in their countries.

Alan Glass's Bio

Alan Glass

Senior M&A Advisor

Team Woodbridge

We’re not just a collection of researchers, marketers, dealmakers, negotiators and closers. We’re business problem solvers with a diverse set of skills. Our only agenda is our client’s success. Our only goal is the relentless pursuit of positively impacting the destiny of the clients we serve. Our clients put their business in our hands. We must reward that trust with results beyond their expectations.

Colin Conte's Bio

Colin Conte

Associate, Underwriting

Kyle Kuhn's Bio

Kyle Kuhn

Software Engineer

Wooda McNiven's Bio

Wooda McNiven

Senior Financial Analyst

Lisa Micali's Bio

Lisa Micali

Senior Business Analyst

Donna Warren's Bio

Donna Warren

New Business Associate

Yang Ye

Yang Ye's Bio

Yang Ye

Vice President of Business Development

Angie Zribi's Bio

Angie Zribi

Email Marketing Specialist